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In today’s very competitive buyer’s market, it is not enough to have a résumés that simply lists your contact information, job history, and education background. Employers want to know more about the person behind the experience and the specific skills you have acquired that you can bring to the new position.

We start with a summary at the top of the first page that is customized for the job you are pursuing. This summary lets the employer know that you are focused specifically on this particular job, and not just scatter shooting, hoping that someone, somewhere will invite you in for an interview.

Next, we list several “Key Performance Indicators.” These attributes describe the person (you) behind the document and give the employer an excellent vision of the “soft” skills and qualities you can bring to the new organization.

We Offer

Free resume consultation

Free resume consultation (phone, video, or in-person in the Austin area)

Free resume review

send it to us as an attachment and we give you a written review with what we think it needs, how we can improve it, and what it will cost.

Fast turn-around

Fast turn-around…usually within 3 business days.

Customized resume

Customized resume for the job you want..not from a template.(Plus…easy for you to revise as needed, and we show you how)

Content and formatting

Content and formatting that make you stand out from the crowd instead of blending into it.

Resume purpose

To help you get an interview with someone who does not know you!

A customized resume makes you stand out from the crowd rather than blend into it.

Anyone can use one of the free, online templates, and they are fine if you just need a resume to file with your employer, but if you need a resume to help you get an interview, think “customized.”

Your resume has only one purpose:


That’s it. The best way to get an interview is to know someone in the ohat’s it. The best way to get an interview is to know someone in the organization, but most of us don’t have that option. That’s why your resume has to make you stand out from the crowd rather than blend into it.

Think of it like a dating profile on a match-making site. Your profile will not attract anyone if it lists just routine, boring data about your jobs and education. Employers want to know about the skills you can bring with you and how you will fit into their organizational culture. If your resume does not offer that information, you are not making yourself stand out from other, similarly qualified and experienced candidates.

It may be that your resume is already just fine, but you need a great cover letter. The cover letter is every bit as critical and important as the resume. We can help you with that for only a fraction of the cost of a new resume.

Send us your resume for review and a link to the job (or your description) you want to pursue. We can create a cover letter for you and put the resume and cover letter into one, uploadable file for you and save you time and money.

(We will show you how to modify it to fit any job you pursue)

Companies want to know about the person behind the data, because as good as your credentials might be, there are lots of other candidates who have equally impressive skills, experience, and education. Give yourself the advantage and perception of appearing unique.

Contact us at (512) 422-8258 or by email at info@newwaveresumes.com. Send your resume to us for a free review!


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