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What makes a résumé from New Wave Résumés of Austin, Texas different?

In today’s very competitive buyer’s market, it is not enough to have a résumés that simply lists your contact information, job history, and education background.  Employers want to know more about the person behind the experience and the specific skills you have acquired that you can bring to the new position.

We start with a summary at the top of the first page that is customized for the job you are pursuing.  This summary lets the employer know that you are focused specifically on this particular job, and not just scatter shooting, hoping that someone, somewhere will invite you in for an interview.

Next, we list several “Key Performance Indicators.”  These attributes describe the person (you) behind the document and give the employer an excellent vision of the “soft” skills and qualities you can bring to the new organization.

Finally, we add the specific skills that you have acquired in each former position you have held.  No one cares what you did unless you can tell them what you learned from the experience that you can bring to the new job.

With fifteen years of experience in the recruiting industry in the greater Texas area, Ken has seen a lot of really poor résumés. It is not that they are poorly written, but rather that they do not have the information in them that will help that person get an interview (which is really the only purpose of a résumé!). The two groups that I see with the worst examples of résumés are recent graduates and people who have been working for fifteen to twenty-five years who find themselves suddenly and unexpectedly unemployed.  

Ken Murdock has placed hundreds of candidates into dozens of companies in a wide variety of industries.

Early in my recruiting business, I decided to take a unique approach to building great résumés…I asked my client companies what they wanted to see in a résumé, and what they told me was nothing like what most job candidates do in promoting themselves.”  – Mr. Ken Murdock

As one of the nation’s most prolific résumé writers, Ken has written thousands of résumés for his recruiting candidates and for job seekers at every level. Every résumé is built specifically for the job and to fit market conditions. Experience as a recruiter and as a college marketing professor has given Ken the knowledge and experience to help anyone who wants to maximize their appeal for the position they want.

Every job seeker should go into the process confident that they have a résumé that sets them apart from all the other qualified candidates for any position. New Wave Résumés of Austin, Texas can give them that advantage.











Recent graduates’ résumés are generally reflective of several different models of résumés that they have seen, none of which represent the shift from a strong sellers market to the current strong buyer’s market that we have experienced over the last several years.  The most basic rule of marketing that most job seekers do not understand is that when your demand conditions change, you must also change your promotional strategy.  These former students have seen so many résumé models that they have no idea who to believe on the subject.  I am also a marketing professor at a local, major state university in Texas, and I spend a lot of my time revising students’ résumés and and helping them create résumés that will present them effectively to the job market.

Older workers who find themselves suddenly and unexpectedly unemployed are in many ways like someone who has been married for a long time and then find themselves divorced or widowed.  When they try to get back in the dating game, they find that all the rules have changed and they are overwhelmed by how people find each other in this strange, new world.

Whether you’re new to the job market or have several years of experience, New Wave Résumés can help you, as we proven time and time again with other clients.

I decided to start New Wave Résumés because there are a lot of talented, skilled, experienced people not only in Austin, Georgetown, San Antonio, and Waco, but across the country, who just need a little help getting started in the process, and in this tight job market, you cannot afford to waste an opportunity with a poor résumé. 

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