Our Satisfied Customers

New Wave of Austin, Texas has provided expert résumé help at a competitive rate for years.  And as you can see below, we’ve had tremendous success.  Just a few of our newly-employed former clients can be found below sharing their sucess stories and how advice from New Wave Résumés paid dividends.

Just wanted you to know that using the resume that you prepared, I got my first interview with a promise of a second interview within five days! Regards, 

Thomas  10/27/2015

I randomly found New Wave Resumes while searching on Yelp and decided to contact Mr. Murdock.  He has been super helpful and you can tell he spends a great deal of time working with each individual, always detaild and very thorough.  If you’re on the fence about resume help, go to New Wave Resumes, you won’t regret it, as it boosts your confidence in applying and interviewing for a new job!

Colleen  08/26/2015

It’s rare that you come across a stand-out talent like Ken. I was particularly impressed by Ken’s patience and attention to detail. Ken finished my resume two days before he was scheduled to finish it.  He kept in touch with me via email/phone every step of the way.I would highly recommend Ken for your resume needs. Ken is the guy!

Eric Z.  07/23/2015

It is a pleasure to work with Mr. Murdock.  His attention to detail and understanding of the individual needs of his clients are unparalled. His professionalism matches his lengthy experience and he demonstrates a sincere interest in getting results. His ability to take a mediocre resume and customize it to be laser focused for a particular position is invaluable.

John G. 07/27/2015

Ken understands the job market better than most hiring managers.  If you are getting ready to graduate college or looking into switching careers, Ken can help you plan a strategy to go after a career you will be excited about!  First I took a personality assessment which helped Ken better understand my core strengths. This assessment was useful to me as well in better understanding who I am; on the job and in the world. We met to discuss the results of my assessment and had an incredibly valuable conversation about preparing myself to change careers.

Next, Ken crafted a resume using the information he learned about me through my personality assessment. This resume has been optimized to break past online job application filters and is packed full of vocabulary to get employers excited about meeting with me. The best part: the resume feels true to who I am and my skill set.

As a bonus, Ken also included a sample cover letter and questions I should ask during my interviews. I am now equipped with all the knowledge, tools, and mindset I need to pursue a career I am genuinely excited about. I have already recommended Ken’s services to friends and co-workers of mine, and will continue to do so!

Max G.   05/19/2015

Ken’s perspective, timeliness, execution belive it or not helped me achieve exactly what I was looking for. A solid offer literally in less than a week. Job accepted.  Thanks Ken!

Ali S. 06/02/2015

If you’re a parent of a recent college graduate that’s entering the job market, Ken Murdock at New Wave Resume Service is where you need to direct your son or daughter to get their resume professionally prepared. My son just graduated with a PhD and as he was preparing to look for a job he asked me to review his resume and give him some feedback. I took one look at his resume and immediately sent him to Ken. Ken knows what hiring managers are looking for and makes sure the resume is structured to grab their attention. Within just a few days of my son and Ken working together my son had a professionally prepared resume that helped him land a senior technical position at Dell.  Also, all the work was done without my son and Ken ever having to meet face-to-face since they were in separate cites. So don’t let distance be an excuse for not contacting Ken.

If you want your son or daughter’s resume to stand out from the stack of resumes on the hiring managers desk have them contact New Wave Resume Service. I highly recommend Ken Murdock.

Mark E.  06/03/2015


I am completely blown away by your talent.  You did a terrific job on both my cover letter and résumé.  I could not have asked for anything better.  I am thrilled with the end result.  I have read over it several times and had my husband also review both documents.  I have not found anything that I would like you to change.  Your work is amazing and you are very talented.

– Dayna B.

Austin, TX  2014

I had him take a look at my resume. What I had was what I had done, no accomplishments, and certainly nothing to indicate that I am a lively,fun, outgoing work-a-holic. Ken (very professionally, of course) told me what was wrong with my resume. He cleaned it up for me, and this week alone, I have had five interviews, and they are looking pretty good for employment. Thank you, for the honest criticism, support and re-write. You’re the best!

-Sheryl F.

Ken was helpful in assisting me in writing a résumé that better highlighted my strengths and experience in a way that attracted the attention of employers.  He is great at using tools that evaluate your aptitudes and core values.  His help in developing a strategy for where I wanted to go was instrumental in my obtaining a new position.  I highly recommend his services.

-Steve S.

Dallas, TX  2012

I just thought I’d tell you that I sent out my résumé that followed your suggested resume format to a few places a couple of weeks ago, and one of the responses I got was to set up an interview.  The hiring manager specifically said “I chose you for an interview because your resume stood out among the identical, boring résumés.” So, THANK YOU!

– J.C.

San Marcos, TX  2010

Well, I was a little leery about using the format and information that you said to use, but it paid off!  Everything I had heard about résumés started with the “one page only” rule, and you discarded that one right away.  Then when you showed me how I could “stand out from the crowd instead of blending into it,” I thought to myself, “Why not try it…nothing else has worked.”  So I did…and I got the interview I wanted!  What you do is different, but it works, and that’s all that counts.  I am no longer a doubter, and I would not hesitate to use your services again.

– Sarah K.

Austin, TX  2014

I would really like to know why the style and content you use in a résumé is not part of what we get from the schools where we pay so much money to attend?  I was told by our Career Center to keep my résumé to one page.  You said that was garbage.  When schools are telling thousands of students to do their résumés in their one, specific way, no wonder everyone looks alike on paper!  Anyway, once I actually started sending my résumé out in the form you suggested and with the content you told me to use, I actually got responses.  Not all of them were to set up interviews, but a few were…and that was a big improvement over my previous results.  I’m sold on your method.  I have an interview next week because of it.  Thanks…

– David D.

San Marcos, TX  2012

I am recommending Ken for his work with my son Michael, who recently graduated from college, and had a résumé that was completely ineffective in helping him get noticed in the job market. I have known Ken for 30 years and contacted him to help. He completely transformed my son’s résumé from a standard (boring) 1 page history of my son’s education and contact information into a marketing document that we believe will be very helpful in his career search. What he wrote about my son,all of it true, is what employers want to know in today’s “buyers” market. I would highly recommend Ken’s services to anyone who needs help in rebranding themselves and launching a new career search.”

-Tom F.

Philadelphia, PA  2014